Helping you take control of your tech company

Business consulting to help your tech company sell more, provide better service, and become more profitable.

Build an awesome team

Be your client’s hero

Generate more profit

Does this sound like your tech company?

  • There are never enough leads to fill your sales pipeline. 
  • Your sales process is too long, and deals aren’t closing fast enough. 
  • Your staff is frustrated with you and the direction of the company.
  • Your technicians are struggling to keep up with support demands.
  • Clients are dissatisfied with your service and are threatening to leave.
  • Your business isn’t making the money that you think it should.

You are not alone, and your tech company does not have to be this way.

At Key Technology Consulting, we understand the pressure of running a technology company. That is why we provide consulting services to technology business owners to help them take control of their business. We can help you create the well-running, revenue-generating business that you have always dreamed of. 

We provide consulting on: 

  • Creating a vision and mission your team will rally around
  • Developing business processes that your staff can follow
  • Choosing the right technology stack that is easy to sell and support
  • Implementing a marketing strategy that will generate leads
  • Shortening your sales cycle and closing more deals 
  • Delivering world-class support to keep your clients happy 
  • Managing your clients so well that they never want to leave 
Matt Spain - Key Technology Consulting
Matt Spain
Key Technology Consultant

 Getting started is easy and key to your success.

Schedule a key introduction.

A 30-minute introduction call.

Conduct a key evaluation. 

An in-depth look at your tech business.

Implement a key strategy. 

Implementing a plan for your success.

Imagine what your tech business could do if…

  • Your entire team was pointed in the same direction and pushing forward with a mission and vision. 
  • Everyone followed a proven process that would deliver a great client experience. 
  • The technology products you offered were trusted and easy to support. 
  • Your marketing provided consistent leads. 
  • Closing deals happened more often because you were selling to your ideal clients. 
  • Clients were raving fans and loved referring your business to others. 

You don’t have to let your tech company control you anymore.

With Key Technology Consulting, you can create the tech business that you have always dreamed of.